Digital Strategy

A well defined Digital Strategy will improve how your customers, staff and suppliers engage and interact with your organisation on a daily basis

Video: 5 things your Digital Strategy should include

When developing a Digital Strategy, we use a set of tried and tested tools techniques and templates. Watch our 3 minute video that outlines our approach to Digital Strategy.

Things we can apply a Digital Strategy to?

We appreciate that there may be specific areas that you wish to focus on. A Digital strategy could include the following items:

  • Digital Roadmap
  • Internal Systems Reviews
  • Customer Focus Groups
  • Systems Audits
  • Website Development
  • E-commerce / Online Shop Development
  • Project Management Tools
  • Intranets
  • Extranets
  • CRM

About Lee Stevens

Brighter Days allows me to work with my two main passions; Business and Technology.

I’m not a traditional ‘techy’ as I worked ‘business side’ before my career in Technology.  I have grown to realise, that my background is an advantage in many ways and after 10 years of dealing with Websites, Intranets and Custom Applications I can talk turkey with with a developer when needed and then translate this to business executives.

I really enjoy seeing organisations I work with improve through the better use of technology. Concepts like the ‘Internet of Things’, Personalisation and other emerging practices, can genuinely improve businesses. These things will disrupt most organisations but should be embraced also.

I enjoy regularly working with C-Level executives to achieve outcomes that align to their business goals. In simple terms, everything I do should be able to either increase profits or reduce operational costs.

My job is, in many ways to be disruptive and keep businesses relevant by having a Digital Strategy in place. By applying a Design Thinking approach to everything I do, I can help businesses realise goals much larger than they imagined.

Lee Stevens

Digital Strategist and Founder

Key components of a Digital Strategy

What a Digital Strategy is

  • Sponsored by Senior Executives
  • Improving Processes and People
  • Technology Agnostic
  • Many moving parts
  • Disruptive and different
  • Enabler of your overall strategy
  • Identifies the realistic priorities
  • Actionable

What a Digital Strategy isn't

  • Led by IT, without 'buy in' from the business
  • An IT Strategy with a ‘different name’
  • Just refreshing your website
  • Just improving your search engine optimisation
  • Fixed and ‘set in stone’

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