Are your Finance processes and systems truly efficient? Automate processes. Create visual reports

Invoice Scanning & Automation

In the modern age, asking employees to manually key information into your systems is futile. By partnering with Abbyy we provide end-to-end scanning solutions that reduce operational costs. Invoices can be scanned from both electronic methods directly or from paper copies.


How long does it really take to produce the reports that you need? Like most businesses, you probably spend an age in Excel and ‘make do’.

With modern reporting tools like Power BI  you can have real time, interactive reports that tell the story around the numbers visually. Also, use features like predictive analytics to spot trends before they happen.

Approval Processes

Managing different approval steps are key to any Finance department. This could be for items such as:

  • Invoice approval
  • Adding new suppliers
  • Capital for Projects
  • Training & Development
Finance sign off

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