The employees of any business are their most valuable asset. We provide HR tools to manage, grow and retain your people

Learning Management System (LMS)

One of the main HR tools is a Learning Management System (LMS), which can be hugely beneficial for organisations that need to conduct both formal and informal training. Using our E-Learning tools allows the employee to upskill at their own pace, whilst at the same time allow administrators to monitor progress. SCORM and Video files can be uploaded easily.

Performance Reviews

Conducting performance reviews using Excel spreadsheets is no longer efficient or productive.   Using our employee performance appraisal system you can create easy-to-use evaluation and review forms for various review types and employees.

HR Files

Use our tools to store the employee and company documents, job contracts and certificates with access to each of your employees through flexible search tools and filters.


Manage vacancies by using our tools that let you post to online job boards. Also, reduce the cost and time to hire, with a candidate database to store comprehensive information about each candidate, their CVs, skill sets, and experience in one place for easy access and comparisons.

Time and Attendance

Reduce the time consuming processes over monitoring attendance. Set up the company absence policies, employee leave records, and register the time spent on various activities.

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