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Document Scanning + Electronic Signatures

Document Management starts with employees. In the modern age, asking employees to manually key information into your systems is futile. By partnering with Abbyy we provide end-to-end scanning solutions that reduce operational costs. Examples of these solutions include processing of:

  • Invoice Approvals
  • Complaints
  • Job Applications
  • Application Forms

Project Management

Storing information and assets relating to a project? We provide the following Document Management solutions in this regard:

  • Project metadata
  • Project Sites
  • Project Templates
  • 'Roll up' of project information at a Programme level
  • Document Templates
  • Search

Controlled Documents

Official documents that we need to run our business are a fact of life for most businesses. How you manage these is vitally important. Examples of this could be: 

  • PRA Compliance
  • Health & Safety
  • Regulatory Compliance

Custom Applications

Sometimes the limited features and/or price of 'off the shelf' solution don't quite make it feasible for certain applications. In this case, building a bespoke, tailor made application can often be the best solution. By utilising our offshore development team, we can ensure that the build costs are palatable for most businesses.


The purpose of an Intranet has changed significantly in recent years.

Intranet systems now play a vital role in how most large companies, facilitate effective communication between staff – the backbone of a strong business.

To find out more about how an effective Intranet can help your business, click on the link below

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